Breve guida alla cura del Cashmere


This high quality garment is made with technically perfect yarn. In order to guarantee the fastness of the colours and the unalterability of the fibers, the garment must be worn and washed properly.

“Appropriate” use is suggested for a garment in cashmere. Let the natural fibers rest every once in awhile in order to allow the garment to recover its original form.

Hand wash the garment in cold water (maximum 30 ° C), without wringing it out.
Eliminate excess water by applying light pressure to the garment or by using the centrifuge on the delicate cycle.
Lay the garment on a white towel to dry, far from any sources of heat and avoid direct exposure to the sun.
Medium-low heat ironing is suggested, placing a damp cloth between the iron and garment. Garments in cashmere can also be dry cleaned.

A light and barely visible down can be seen on the surface of a new pure cashmere sweater.
This down is the superficial excess of fiber found on all cashmere garments.
After a certain period of use, the very thin excess fibers may eventually come together due to friction and form small balls.
The formation of these tiny little balls of fiber is called “pilling” and is completely normal if it occurs in minimum quantities.
These fibers balls can be removed by hand using a brush or by washing the garment.